Understanding Tunisia's Tourism Marketing Effectiveness
Delivering customer insight and actionable marketing campaign analysis to this national tourism destination marketing office

Tourism destination marketing campaign evaluation

Tourism destination marketing campaign evaluation

Destination marketers need to know whether their campaigns are reaching their target market and whether those groups are responding in the desired way to the key marketing messages.

We work with tourism destinations - from Tunisia to Shetland - to answer critical questions about the impact of their marketing campaigns and strategies. The goal is to help our clients improve their marketing campaign effectiveness and overall booking revenues for their destination.

Using techniques such as:

  • online panel research
  • online surveys
  • focus groups
  • face to face interviews
  • web analytics
  • competitor and search analytics

We work with destination marketing groups, their marketing agencies and other travel trade partners in order to understand traveller attitudes and improve marketing results.

We invite you to read more about our tourism and travel research services and how we can help with measuring and improving your marketing effectiveness.

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