More results, less spend
Understanding your marketing effectiveness

Doing more with less

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It is possible to cut your marketing spend and still increase results. It is about careful monitoring, identifying what is and isn't working and then making changes to your spend accordingly.

Even when your organisation is not focussed on retail transactions, it is still possible to evaluate whether the marketing investments you are making are:

  • Targeted at the right groups
  • Using the most effective channels and media partners
  • Perceived by the recipients in the way that you intend
  • Directly contributing to your campaign goals and overall strategic objectives

When budgets are under severe pressure it is even more critical to identify what is working successfully, while weeding out the activity that is dragging performance down. Otherwise you risk cutting the very activity that is driving the best results.

We can help you improve your marketing effectiveness by:

  • Measuring specific marketing and advertising campaign results - both online and offline
  • Highlighting your best and worst performing marketing activity
  • Identifying your key customer segments and the marketing tactics that attract them
  • Monitoring "voice of the customer" and your stakeholder feedback
  • Directly testing the perceptions and reactions of key customer segments

From working with your web analytics data, identifying the characteristics of your highest value segments, to conducting direct face to face research with your customers - we ensure you don't have to rely on guesswork.

Our work will support your marketing strategy and spending decisions with hard evidence. The same kind of hard evidence that finance directors like to see.

What are your marketing measurement challenges?

When it comes to understanding marketing campaign performance, time is of the essence so that opportunities are not lost and costly mistakes are not repeated. We'd like to hear about your specific challenges. If you would like to discuss how our services might be of assistance to you, please contact us or call on (44) 01463 729314.