Insight into Durham University's postgraduate prospects
Delivering a close up view of real website users and their specific information needs

Understand more about high value groups and their online behaviour

Understanding your high value segments

For any university, identifying and successfully recruiting the right students and researchers is a must.

Students and researchers are perhaps the most web-savvy audience group, with the university website the most important form of initial contact with prospects. In partnership with web development company Unco, Highland Business Research has enabled Durham University to better identify and meet the needs of its high value postgraduate groups.

By using techniques such as:

  • User testing of the Durham university website
  • Online surveying
  • Face to face interviews
  • Web analytics
  • Competitor research
  • Segmentation and data analysis

Highland Business Research was able to identify an information hierarchy of needs for prospective postgraduates and researchers - why they were using the site and what information they were seeking to address those needs.

By testing the site with real prospects, we were able to identify the wider institution selection process for the target market and the barriers students were encountering on Durham's site.

Additionally, we were able to build detailed profiles and personas of key user types, allowing our web development partners and the university IT team to prioritise tailored improvements for the site.

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