360 degree customer insight
Supporting your decisions with evidence and recommendations

Are your marketing strategy and business development decisions based on sound evidence?

Do you have all the evidence

The risk involved in strategic decisions can be reduced with preparation. Even costly marketing errors can be remedied - if they are spotted.

  • Do you have the facts you need to inform your business and marketing strategies?
  • Are you drowning in research and data but lacking in informed recommendations you can base actions on?
  • Are you looking to challenge assumptions about consumer behaviour so you can enhance your services, marketing and advertising accordingly?

Highland Business Research's approach is to deliver evidence, insight and action.

We believe the "so what?" factor can and should be applied at every stage of the process, from deciding whether to undertake a specific type of research, to prioritising the actions you'll take based on the results.

Ditch the dull reports

Instead of delivery endless reports that end up in a drawer gathering dust, we work with you to inform the specific decisions you are looking to make.

Our internet research and web analytics services address the fundamentals questions of your online visitor behaviour and internet marketing, so that you can leverage far better results from your online activity.

The customer insight services we offer bring a broader perspective – looking at offline as well as online behaviour, talking to internal stakeholders as well as customers and members.

There is no "one size fits all" solution – our approach is tailored to your specific challenges. Nor do we simply generate reports. The analysis and insight we generate is communicated in the ways that you choose, in order to best allow you and your colleagues to make decisions and take action

A custom approach to inform your decisions

Focus groups to inform brand strategy

From focus groups to online surveys, to customer satisfaction measurement and data mining, we'll combine the best set of research and analysis tactics to meet your information needs and budget.

We've recently worked with clients to:

  • Assess staff and stakeholder attitudes toward business repositioning
  • Understand the perceptions of high value customer segments to inform brand, product and marketing activities
  • Monitor ongoing customer feedback and make specific recommendations to prioritise actions and tactics
  • Define the "hierarchy of information needs" that prospective customers have and turn that into communications recommendations
  • Champion internal buy-in for customer satisfaction analysis
  • Communicate research findings to staff and board members, in order to stimulate strategic thinking

What are your questions and challenges?

When it comes to understanding customers, members or stakeholders, every organisation has its own unique questions and challenges – we'd like to hear yours. If you need assistance evaluating how our services might be of most assistance to you, please contact us or call on (44) 01463 729314.