Web analytics and online visitor insight
Finding the answers you need to improve your website and emarketing strategy

Do you understand how people interact with you online?

Understanding your website visitors

Web analytics is critical in helping you answer two fundamental questions:

  • Is my website and associated marketing activity working?
  • How can it work harder?

But the tools and most of the resources out there are geared towards sites that sell online. Ecommerce sites that can judge performance directly based on shopping cart revenue.

The analytics challenge for websites that don't sell online

But how do you understand how well your emarketing strategy and website is performing when you don't sell online? When your goals may be a varied as shareholder satisfaction, offline print cost reduction, information provision or public service.

Highland Business Research is a world leader in the understanding, analysis and strategic improvement of non-transactional websites. We work with our clients to focus on the unique goals of their website activity, to find appropriate success measures and to empower them through a process of analysis, insight and education.

Google Analytics Authorised Consultant

Bringing an experienced external eye, we are able to answer those really tough questions - such as, is this normal? Should our data really look like this? Do we have a problem compared to others in our field?

Our web analytics services include:

You're in reliable hands

Highland Business Research has delivered web analysis services for Dow Jones 30 and FTSE 100 companies including Hewlett Packard and Standard Life; for government clients including VisitScotland, the NHS and the Scottish Government and to universities in the UK and North America. Our team includes a Board Director of the Web Analytics Association, the global professional body for digital measurement.

We deliver our clients accountability, measurable value and support in championing their achievements.

What are your questions and challenges?

When it comes to non-ecommerce websites, every organisation has its own unique questions and challenges - we'd like to hear yours. If you need assistance evaluating which services might be of most assistance to you, please contact Vicky Brock, Head of Web Analytics or call on (44) 01463 729314.