Tourism Strategy Research Underway for Shetland

The most Northerly Isles in the UK are a beautiful and unspoiled destination. Highland Business Research is working with Shetland Island Council and local agencies to update the region's tourism strategy. HBR previously developed Shetland's 2006 - 2009 tourism plan which has been widely implemented.

Tourism Strategy Development for Shetland

Every year more visitors discover these surprising hundred islands at the top of Britain. And every year more and more of them discover one visit is nothing like enough. Shetland - where Scotland meets Scandinavia and the North Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Where the Shetland ponies come from; and the sweaters; and the Vikings.

Shetland lies 600 miles (960km) north of London. More than a hundred islands, just 15 of them inhabited, form the northernmost point of Britain.

Highland Business Research is again working with Shetland Council, Shetland Enterprise and Promote Shetland to develop the next evolution in the islands tourism strategy, having developed the previous successful plan.

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Date: 9 July 2010 | Author: