We're Scotland's first Google Analytics Authorised Consultants

Highland Business Research is delighted to become one of just six UK businesses, and the first in Scotland, to become authorised experts in Google's free web intelligence product: Google Analytics.

Highland Business Research becomes Scotland's first Google Analytics Authorised Consultant

Press release, 8th Aril 2009

Highland Business Research has become one of just six UK businesses, and the first in Scotland, to become authorised experts in Google's free web intelligence product – Google Analytics.

The team at Highland Business Research have been working with Google Analytics since its launch in 2005. Co-founder Vicky Brock explains: "In that time we've seen companies come to rely on the web for an ever increasing proportion of their business. UK adults now spend nearly a third of their leisure time online. Marketing spend is also shifting online, with Internet advertising spend due to overtake TV spend in the UK this year. Organisations need to be able to measure how well their efforts are working in order to avoid wasting money and boost return on their investment. It is no surprise to us that so many businesses now use Google Analytics to help them answer questions about how they can be more effective online."

Google Analytics Authorised Consultant

Google Analytics is used by companies worldwide to understand how their website and online marketing is performing – from measuring the effectiveness of advertising, to monitoring exactly how visitors use a website.

"It is potentially an extremely valuable tool in generating more business from the web and ensuring that visitors to your website are able to achieve what they came for. But for that to happen, businesses need to be able to take insights from the data and turn those insights into action. It can require external expertise or training in order to be able to achieve that – and that is where the authorised consultant programme comes in."

Google Analytics Authorised Consultants have proven expertise in web analytics at a global level and team members who are certified in their Google Analytics skills. "We're thrilled Highland Business Research is able to partner with Google as a Google Analytics Authorised Consultant and we really look forward to working with businesses to help them better understand the who, how and why of their website. And most importantly, how they can best leverage this information to improve revenue and customer satisfaction online", says Stephen Budd, CEO of Highland Business Research.

Highland Business Research is an insight and web analytics agency and Scotland's first Google Analytics Authorised Consultant. Vicky is also a Board Director of the Web Analytics Association, the global professional body for those working in digital measurement. She delivers analytics training worldwide and is course director of Web Analytics and eMarketing for UHI's Department of Continuing Professional Development. Stephen Budd sits as an industry representative on the Scottish Government's Tourism Framework For Change Market Intelligence committee.

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