Customer satisfaction analysis for CairnGorm Mountain

Scotland's leading ski and mountain sports destination, CairnGorm Mountain, works with Highland Business Research for web analytics and its customer feedback analysis and insight

Cairn Gorm is a major winter sports destination and still offers skiers and boarders some of the best and most challenging runs in Scotland. Added to that, it has the only mountain railway in Scotland which transports skiers up to the higher lying snowfields in total comfort and safety in only a few minutes.

CairnGorm Mountain Ltd is committed to customer service and continually improving their customer experience. They work with Highland Business Research to analyse their substantial on and offline customer feedback, from comment cards and surveys, to unstructured feedback. We deliver them actionable recommendations based on that feedback that they can implement to develop and improve their product offering.

We also deliver actionable web analytics to CairnGorm that can help inform their marketing tactics and use web traffic to anticipate physical visits to the destination.

We invite you to read more about our tourism and travel research services and how we can help with measuring and improving your marketing effectiveness.

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Date: 17 November 2008 | Author: Vicky Brock